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SPQR100 Active Power Filter (APF)


Active Power Filter (APF) is a new type electronic device which is used to prevent dynamic harmonic and compensate reactive power. It can compensate the size-changing and frequency-changing harmonic wave and changing reactive power.


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Model Code:

Technical Characteristics

More Functions and More Models

  • This devices is multi-functional. It can be used to compensate the reactive power, harmonic, reactive power and harmonic, and three-phase imbalance.

  • The harmonic can be compensated by times; and the ratios of reactive power compensation can be set.

  • With:7 inches color HD touch screen. The screen can display the parameters of system and device.

  • IoT is adapted, which can enable monitoring and operating in time.

Advanced Control Strategy and Topological Structure Design

  • This device based on IRPT detecting technologies, the harmonic current can be monitored in time and the change of loading harmonic can be traced, which make this device highly controllable and reactive.

  • The unique phase-splitting harmonic extraction algorithm is adapted. When the three-phase load is imbalanced, each phase can be controlled independently. Besides, when the capacity is enough, the function to remove the imbalance can be chosen.

  • The LCL topological structure of filter is adapted, when outputting harmonic current and the high frequency IGBT switching harmonic interference cannot be introduced. It can be adapted in any field with grid system impedance and no resonance will happen.

Complete Protection, High Stability

  • SOJO Patented technology, peak effective values and double current limit algorithm, the device output can be limited to 100% automatically, without overload risk.

  • Complete protection, in order to ensure the system work reliably and safely.

  • Fault Self-check Function

  • Fault Alarm and Recall

High integration, modularization and serialization

  • Modularization, small and light, high power density, easy to maintain and install

  • Combination parallel machine can satisfy different demands. When realizing standardization, the reliability and maintainability are improved, which makes maintenance and installation easier.

  • Single module independent air duct design, which can isolate dust and improve thermal performance.

Name SPQR100-F Series active filter
System Voltage (V) V1:208~480V AC V2:480~690V AC
System Voltage Range ±10%
Frequency (Hz) 50/60±5%
Output installation
Rated Current(A) MH MV H C
50,60,75 100,125,150 50,75,100,125150 100,125,150,200,250,300,375,
Type Modular Hanging Cabinet
Incoming line Back Up Up Up /Down/ Top cabinet through the bus
Performance Parameters
Filter Rate ≥85%
Filter Range 2~51 harmonic waves
Total Response Time ≤10ms
Transient Response Time ≤100μs
Working Harmonic compensation, reactive power compensation, harmonic reactive with filling
Dynamic Current 1.2 times of filter output rated capacity,1s
Power-Factor Correction Yes
Overload Protection Yes
Other Protection Over voltage protection, Under-voltage protection, Over temperature protection
Single Yes
Parallel Yes
Display and Operation
Display 7 inches touch screen
Display Status Current, voltage, power, harmonic distortion rate, etc.
Operation A variety of operating modes,remotely or locally
Communication(RS485) Modbus-RTU, with remote-monitor interface and database
Environment Condition
Protection Grade IP20
Ambient Temperature -10℃~45℃
Storage/Transportation Temperature -40℃~70℃
Working/Storage Humidity Relative humidity 20~95%,without condensation/ relative humidity 10~95%
Altitude Below 1000m