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SPQR 200 Static VAR Generator (SVG)


Static VAR Generator (SVG) is one of the main FACTS devices, which is a kind of parallel type reactive power compensation device. It is able to emit or absorb reactive power; and the output can be changed to control the specific parameters of the electric system. In power-distribution grid, installing some small-capacity SVG nearing some special load such as impact and rectifier load can significantly improve the quality of public power grid connection. The main function is improving power factor, removing three-phase imbalance and voltage fluctuation.


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Model Code:

Technical Characteristics

Excellent reactive compensation

  • Compensate the capacitive reactive power and inductive reactive power

  • Improve the power factor to 0.99

  • Three-phase imbalance compensation

Stable and Fast Compensation Performance

  • Real-time compensation, the response time is less than 20ms

  • The dynamic response time is less than 200us

  • The compensation capacity is equal to installation capacity, which is not influenced by voltage loss

  • Adapt advanced control algorithm based on instantaneous reactive power theory, which can compensate reactive power precisely in real time

Powerful protection function can ensure the reliability of system

  • When the device working, it is controlled to work as current source; There is no resonance happened.

  • Automatically limit current, without filling and owe problem

  • Complete protection function, for example, over-current, over-voltage, under voltage, over temperature and various protective functions

  • Friendly UI, which adapts 7 inches HD touch screen with fault alarm and recall functions.

Modularization improves performance of the product

  • The power circuit and control circuit have adopted modularization design,which can improve the reliability and maintainability.

  • Highly reliable parallel mode can offer a variety of capacity demand requirements

Name SPQR100-F Series active filter
System Voltage(V) V1:208~480V AC V2:480~690V AC
System Voltage Range ±10%
Frequency(Hz) 50/60±5%
Output Installation
Rated Current(A) MH MV MS H C
35,50 75,100,150 100,125,150,180,200 100,125,150,180,200 100,125,150, 180,200,250,300,350,
Incoming line Back Up Up Up Up /Down/ Top cabinet through the bus
Performance Parameters
Total Response Time ≤10ms
Transient Response Time ≤200μs
Working Harmonic compensation, reactive power compensation, harmonic reactive with filling
Power-Factor Correction Yes
Overload Protection Yes
Other Protection Over voltage protection, Under-voltage protection, Over temperature protection
Single Yes
Parallel Yes
Display and Operation
Display 7 inches touch screen
Display Status Current, voltage, power, harmonic distortion rate, etc.
Operation A variety of operating modes,remotely or locally
Communication(RS485) Modbus-RTU
Environment Condition
Protection Grade IP20
Ambient Temperature -10℃~45℃
Storage/Transportation Temperature -40℃~70℃
Working/Storage Humidity Relative humidity 20~95%,without condensation/ relative humidity 10~95%
Altitude Below 1000m