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SPQR300 Smart Three-phase Unbalance Regulator (STUR)


Smart Three-phase Unbalance Regulator (STUR) is a new type electronic device which is used to manage three-phase unbalance and compensate reactive power. The device adapts the advanced control algorithm to separate the plus or positive sequence and negative sequence component of unbalanced current and reactive power. Through triggering power device IGBT, the inverter could make the offset contrast current, which can eliminate imbalance, and compensate reactive power.


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Model Code:

Technical Characteristics

More Functions and More Modes 

  • This device is multi-functional. It has the functions of zero sequence compensation, negative sequence compensation, reactive power compensation and harmonic compensation 

  • Specific harmonic compensation function, zero sequence and negative sequence and reactive compensation function

  • Friendly UI; 7 inches HD color touch screen. The screen can display the parameters of system and device in real time.

  • WIFI, 3G/4G communication mode, various APPs can be installed, which can enable monitoring and operating in time 

Advanced Control Strategy and Topological Structure Design

  • This device based on IRPT detecting technologies, the harmonic current can be monitored in time and the change of loading harmonic can be traced, which make this device highly controllable and reactive.  

  • The LCL topological structure of filter is adapted, when outputting harmonic current, the high frequency IGBT switching harmonic interference will not be introduced. And it is suitable in any field with grid system impedance and no resonance will happen.

Complete Protection, High Stability

  • SOJO Patent technology, effective peak values and double current limit algorithm, the device output can be limited by 100% automatically and without overload risk

  • Complete protection, in order to ensure the system work reliably and safely.

  • Fault self-check function

  • Fault alarm and recall

High Power Density, Easy to Install 

  • Modularization, small and light; easy to install and maintain

  • Group parallel operation

  • Independent air duct design, which can effectively isolate the environment dust and improve the product cooling efficiency

Name SPQR300-G Series FGSVG
Rated Voltage(V) 400/690±10%
Work Frequency(Hz) 50/60
Output Capacity(kvar) 30 50 75 100 150
Compensation Mode Unbalance, harmonic and reactive power
Single Harmonic filtering rate ≥95%
Total Response Time ≤10ms
Active Power Loss <3%(Rated)
Neutral Line Compensation Ability Three times of phase current
Noise Index 65dB
Overload Ability(1min) 120%
Protection Level IP44
Thermal Mode Air Cooling
Communication Modbus,RS485、WiFi、3G
Parallel Working Yes
Protection Overcurrent, over temperature, DC over voltage, communication
Display Mode 7 inches HD touch screen
Installation Mode Outdoor column installation
Environment Temperature -25℃~40℃
Storage Temperature -40℃~60℃
Relative temperature Max 95%
Altitude Below 1000m