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SJFD200 Hood Type FTU Controller


SJFD200 Hood type FTU controller installing on the 10 kv overhead distribution lines, which can realize automatic removal of single-phase earth fault and short-circuit fault.



  • Hood type FTU has good  wind-proof, moisture-proof, dustproof, shock and resistance to condensation function

  • Wide range of working temperature: it can work reliably at -40~80℃.

  • Using 32-bit ARM chips as the main control chip, 12 AD precise sampling, high-speed calculation and complete protection function. 

  • All the setting values are set through LCD display, which is clear. 

  • The controller is connected through controlling cable and aviation connector, which is easy to install. 

  • Perfect wireless communication function, users can query and control the switch state remotely. The product is widely used in 10 kv ~ 35 kv overhead distribution lines in rural and urban area.