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SCO100 Intelligent Switch Control Device


SCO100 Intelligent Switch control device is mainly used in 3-35kV indoor switch, which is suitable for centrally installed switchgear, handcart cabinet, fixed switchgear and ring main unit.



Display Function

There is a primary simulated diagram, which can support switch status display, LCD display and temperature control.

Three- remote function

  • Remote Metering  

This device support multi circuits monitoring; voltage, current, zero sequence, reactive power, apparent power, power factor and frequency metering of various switchgears.

  • Remote Control  

Fault-monitoring function supports switch open and close.

  • Remote Signaling  

The information of switch status; remote/local working position.

Feeder automation Function

This device is including fault detection function, which could realize fault-break and reclose function.

Communication Function

This device could support RS232 and RS485 functional interfaces.