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SCF301 Voltage-Time Type Load Switch Controller


Voltage-Time Type Load switch controller is installed in sectionalized load switch cabinet. It supports distribution automation and communication function.



Analog Detection Function

This controller includes 13 analog values input; each phase voltage pf primary line side and internal side. The current, zero sequence current and voltage, and internal AC200V, primary line AC220V. Through signal conversion and computation of the inside of the controller, real-time monitoring of the operation of the 13 analog values, active power, reactive power, power factor, etc can be achieved.

Protection Control Function

  • Zero Sequence Protection

This device is suitable for distribution network neutral point grounding system, the neutral point via arc suppression coil grounding system and the neutral point via small resistance grounding system. Through monitoring value setting and zero sequence voltage, the controller can monitor and check single phase earth fault. And in the limit time YT after setting values, the open control signal will be output if the setting value is satisfied, and the earth fault can be solved automatically.

  • Voltage-Time Protection

Through setting value and monitoring line voltage, the controller can monitor and judge short-circuit fault in phases, and remove the fault automatically.

  • No-Interrupt Current Protection

When zero-voltage is monitored during the switch close, and at the same time, the fault current is over switching capacity, then, the no-interrupt current protection work; the switch is banned to open.

Self-Check Function

The controller will self-check while working (controlled by programs). The control circuit, analog setting values, open loops, sampling channel and EEPROM etc. will be included. When an error occurred, the alarm light will be on, and lockout open/close circuits.

Index Function

The controller can indicate various working status including TV, operating, errors, positions, modes, lockout, communication, earthing and alarm.

Control Function

Through controlling the plate, control button and choosing button on the panel, the switch can be controlled to close or open.

The control button is including: reset, choose, open and close.