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Intelligent Short-Circuit Earthing Fault Indicator


This device is installed on the overhead lines on the road, which is used to monitor and check earthing lines and short-circuit fault; and through sparking, turnover and other local alarm methods to indicate the position of fault. 



Fault Detection:Short-circuit fault, adaptive without setting fixed value; single-phase earth fault

Alarm Methods:turnover,360o observable the flashing visible distance of night lights flashing visible distance is more than 300 m.

Automatic Reset: Automatic reset after fault clearance to restore power;or, automatic reset in time

Prevent Maloperation:Load fluctuations, large load cutting, no-load switching-in of transformer inrush current, circuit switching inrush current, near line fault and reclosing maloperation and other prevention functions.

Remove with electricity: it can be installed and removed with electricity, no false alarm while operating.

Rust corrosionLong-term outdoor operation, the structure is made by rust corrosion materials