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Panel-Type Short Circuit Earthing Fault Indicator


The panel host is installed on switchgears, which is used to receive the information from fault indicator.


This fault indicator is installed on overhead circuits, which is consist of monitoring circuits, circuit analysis algorithm, triggering circuits, wireless transmission circuit module and power circuit. This product is mainly used to transport the information of monitored short-circuit, earthing and load current etc. to overhead communication terminal through WI-FI model. Three fault indicators together is a group.


  • Fault Detection:

    Short-circuit fault, adaptive without setting fixed value, single-phase earth fault

  • Load and fault current metering:

    Adapt line load current and short-circuit fault current

  • Alarm Method:

    Turnover and flash

  • LCD Display

  • Low Battery Alarm:

    Alarm when battery lower than 2.8V

  • Information Remote Transmitting:

    The information of faults and current etc. can be sent to communication terminal, which can support two-way confirmation function.

  • Reset Methods

    After fault clearance, automatic reset; Automatic reset, manual reset within the given time.

  • Remote Reset

  • Self-Check: Reset self-check

  • Prevent Maloperation:

    Fluctuation of load, load switching, transformer no-load closing inrush current, switching inrush current line road and reclosing current etc.

  • Take Electricity:

    From circuit

  • Remove with Electricity 

  • Rust Corrosion:

    Long-term outdoor operation, the structure is made by rust corrosion materials