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Cold Shrinkable Cable Accessories


All the silicone rubber is imported. This material has excellent insulation and flexibility, the radial pressure is still kept suitable for the cable, which can keep the interface being tight, and the electric breakdown will not happen while the cable is working. The stress control part and the main insulation are combined together, which can ensure working reliably and safely.



  • Easy installation 

All the products are manufactured in the factory. The installation and operation are easy and do not need using fire, which is time-saving and safe. The number of accidents because of misoperation is much less; and at the same time, the circumstance of prefabricated cable accessories contractions are not tight can be solved.

  • Used widely 

Foul resistance, ageing resistance, good hydrophobic, with superior hardy thermal properties, especially suitable for high altitude, cold, wet areas, salty fog and heavy pollution areas. And the fire is not needed while installation, especially suitable for oil, chemical engineering, mine, tunnel and other flammable and explosive place.

  • Advanced devices

Highly degree of automation, reliable performance. 

  • Beautiful surface 

No joint lines, smooth and beautiful surface.