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LDF-0.4 Series Low-voltage Sectionalising Cabinet


LDF - 0.4 series low voltage sectionalising cabinet adopts composite material for enclosure and busbar insulation material; the cabinet can be freely configured under customers' requirements. It can be used as switchboard, sectionaliser, metering box, control box, or power supply box. The cabinet is compact, easily assembled; and all components are shielded and insulated. Therefore, it is touchable and no hazardous of discharging caused fire.


Product Features

Composite material made enclosure

• Board structure, easily assembled, cost effective.

• The life expectancy of composite material made enclosure is expected to be 8 to 10 times longer than traditional metal enclosure. 

• The enclosure is suitable for installation of different electrical components and meters.

• The enclosure has no convex edge and be able to endure high impact resistance. It is suitable for outdoor application.

Fuse isolator

• High breaking capacity 80 kA, single pole live operation available, secure and reliable.

• Modular structure, easy assembly, convenient operation.

• Except conductive material, all made of environmentally friendly material.

• Easy to change the fuse current level (under maximum allowed current level).



IEC/EN 60 947-3

Fuse in accordance with

EN 60 947-3

Application Type

AC 23B/400V AC 22B/500V
           AC 21B/690V AC 22B/400V

Rated Short-circuit Protection

Function (With fuse)

80kA 400V

Rated Withstand Voltage


Rated Busbar Working Current


IP Rating of Primary Equipments