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ZGS-12/0.4 Pad-mounted Secondary Substation - American Type


For American type pad-mounted secondary substation, the transformer iron, winding, medium voltage load switch and fuse switch are all enclosed in one compartment. The advantage for this type of substation is very compact, simplified structure, easy assembling, flexible operation, which can be applied indoor or outdoor.


Product Model

Product Features

Low noise, low loss, high reliability.

Small volume and compact structure to facilitate assembling.

Completely screened and insulated structure, double fuses protection, the fuses are dual-sensitive fuses(temperature-sensitive, current-sensitive).

Suitable for ring main and terminal power distribution networks.

Cable connector structure is used for incoming line, which gives the characteristics of disconnecting switch, it is easy and flexible in operation.

The three-phase three-column structure is employed for transformers, and the step-type seams (Step-lap) process is used for the core, so the transformer has low noise and low loss, good anti-short-circuit and overload abilities.

High fire point insulating oil is employed, the surface of the transformer is treated to have the abilities of fungus resistance, moisture resistance and salt spray resistance.

Rated Voltage 12/0.4kV
Rated Capacity 100~1250kVA
1min Power Frequency Withstand Voltage 35kV
Lightning Impulse Withstand Voltage 75kV
Load Switch Rated Current Breaking Times 200 times
Load Switch Mechanical Endurance 2000 times
Noise Level ≤50dB
IP Rating IP43