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GGD AC Low-voltage Distribution Cabinet


GGD AC low-voltage distribution cabinet is applicable in power distribution network of AC 50Hz,  rated voltage of 380V, rated cunrrent of up to 2500A in power plants, substations, factories and mines enterprises. Power conversion, power distribution and power control of power, lighting and distribution equipment can be achieved via this product. 


Product Features

• GGD Low-voltage AC distribution cabinet adapts general cabinet style, the frame is made of 8MF cold-formed steel, with 20-mode mounting holes, thus it has a good common versatility.

 The cooling problem is fully considered. Sufficient numbers of cooling holes are on the upper and lower panels both. When the electrical components heat, the hot air rises and being ventilated through the cooling holes on the upper panels; and cold air constantly flows into the cabinet from the lower panels, so that the components could be cooled by this ventilation, to achieve the purpose of cooling.

 Using the golden ratio to design  the cabinet shape and the size of the various parts of the division, so that the whole apperance is nice and beautiful.

 The upper panel can be removed when doing the busbar assembly and adjustment; there are lifting hooks equipped on the four corners of the top of the cabinet, to facilitate lifting.

 IP rating reaches IP30; options between IP20 and IP40 are also provided to users. The daily average humidity should below 50%.

Rated Voltage  380V
Rated Current 100~2500A
Rated Short-circuit Breaking Current 30kA
Rated Peak Withstand Current  
IP Rating IP30