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GCS Low Voltage Removable Switchboard


The product is at the leading position of domestic market which can be applied in power distribution network, motor center, control, reactive compensation, etc. under the conditions of three phase alternating current, rated voltage no more than 380V, and rated current up to 4000A. 


Product Features

  • 8MF type open steel is used for the frame, on the main frame there are mounting holes (E = 20mm and 100mm, Φ9.2mm) , which makes it flexible and convenient to be assembled.

  • The busbar compartment, the cable compartment and the functional compartment are seperated from each other.

  • The horizontal busbar are arranged in a parallel mode, which enhances the ability of anti short-circuit resistance of the busbar.

  • The cable compartment is designed to be convinient to install the cable.

  • The modulus height of the drawer is 160mm. The drawer changes only in height dimensions, and the width and depth dimensions is always the same. Thus, the drawer of the same functional unit has good interchangeability. The rated current of each unit is 400A and below.

  • Obvious signs about OPEN, CLOSED, TEST, DISABLED are marked on the drawer panels. There equipped mechanical interlocking devices in the drawer unit. Each drawer unit is independent, both of withdrawable type and fixed type are provided, any combination of them could be accomplished when needed.

  • The protection level of the enclosure is IP30 or IP40, other options are also provided according to user needs.

Rated voltage 380V
Rated current  1000(Vertical Busbar)/3150(Horizontal Busbar)
Rated short time withstand current 50kA
Rated peak withstand current 105kA
IP Rating  IP3X, IP4X