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JP Type Low Voltage Multifunctional Switchboard


This is a multi-functional product designed by SOJO. It can be used in city power grid, rural power grid, railway, resident areas. It has the functions of power distribution, energy metering, protection, information collection and reactive power automatic compensation. It is easy to maintain and install with high IP protection level. 



There are two options of the enclosure material which are SMC and stainless steel. The electrical devices such as measuring current transformer, metering current transformer, HR series isolation switches, automatic reclosing switch for leakage comprehensive protection, input and output terminals etc. Inside the enclosure, there are load switch chamber, meter chamber, feeder switch chamber, and reactive power compensation chamber.The incoming wire of the cabinet is used from the side direction, where a waterproof elbow has been installed. 

The breaker can realize various protection and operation functions, for example, overload protection, under voltage protection, open phase protection, continuous and abrupt change leakage current protection, and automatic reclose. The microprocessor digital programmable control circuit is adapted; and all these functions are realized through single chip microcomputer. RS485 communication interface can be chosen to monitor and control operation parameters.