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XGN-12 SF6 Insulated Switchgear


The SF6 insulated switchgear is suitable for middle voltage power distribution system with a rated voltage of 12kV. It could be used as RMUs in a power supply network, fault isolating switches and sectionalizing switches.  If equipped with distribution automation devices (FTU/DTU) and communication devices, the SF6  insulated switchgear could communicate with the control center, measure the cable voltage, current, etc, and monitor the working status of switches. 


All live parts and switching mechanisms are sealed into SF6 filled enclosure. This kind of switchgear is not easily affected by external ambient conditions, the reliability and safety standard can be guaranteed, therefore, the product is maintenance-free.

The following standard modules are provided: direct cable connection module, circuit breaker module, load switch module, load switch and fuse combination module, busbar sectionalizing switch module, metering module. customers are able to select combined modules freely based on actual situation. The product can either be comprised as RMUs or as transformer feeder switch.

Product Features

 The SF6  is the insulation material which is sealed in a stainless-steel enclosure, fully-insulated and maintenance-free.

 Long life endurance.

 Obvious watchable open contacts.

 Reliable interlock and safer operation. 

Rated Voltage 12kV
Rated Current  630A 
Rated Short-time Withstand Current 20kA, 4s 
Rated Peak Withstand Current 50kA
1min Power Frequency Withstand Voltage 42kV
Lightning Impulse Withstand Voltage  75kV
Gas Pressure  0.03MPa
Mechanical Endurance 5000 times
Protection Level IP67
Anual Leakage Rate  0.1‰