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XGN-40.5 SF6 Insulated Switchgear


For 40.5kV SF6  insulated switchgear, high voltage components like busbar, circuit breaker, disconnector, and cables etc, are sealed in a SF6  tank which has lower gas pressure, thus the switchgear is not easily affected by external ambient conditions, harsh environment applications are available. 

This kind of switchgear is whole assembled in the factory first and then being delivered to the site, therefore the on-site installation is easy and time-saving. It costs of running and maintenance are effective from the entire endurance time.




Product Features

  • Smaller Dimension

SF6  as the dielectric material, smaller than the oil-dielectric material switchgear.

  • High Reliablity and Safety

All live parts and switching mechanisms are sealed into SF6 filled enclosure. This kind of switchgear is not easily affected by external ambient conditions, the reliability and safety standard can be guaranteed, therefore, the product is maintenance-free and would not be at risk of electric shock and fire. 

  • Simple Maintenance

Because all live parts and switching mechanisms are sealed into SF6 tank, not easy to rust, thus reducing maitenance work; vacuum circuit breaker is employed which is also maitenance-free.

  • Flexible Application

Standard modular units and flexible combinations fulfill all requirements of network nodes and terminal users.

Rated Voltage 40.5kV
Rated Current  1250A
Rated Short-time Withstand Current  31.5kA,4s
Rated Peak Withstand Current 80kA
1min Power Frequency Withstand Voltage 95kV
Lightning Impulse Withstand Voltage 185kV
Gas Pressure 0.02MPa
Mechanical Endurance  10000 times
IP Rating  IP67
Annual Leakage Rate  0.2