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PGS SF6 Insulated Pole-mounted Load Break Switch


PGS SFgas insulated pole-mounted load switch is applied in the overhead line power distribution system where rated voltage is 12kV, rated current is 630A, rated frequency is 50Hz. When there is fault in the circuit, it could timely isolate the fault section, recover the power supply of non-fault section. The product has three operation means: mannul, motor and remote control. It could realize the automated function of power distribution network.


1. SFgas: 

 Standard gas pressure: 0.035 MPa ( i.e. 0.35kgf/cm2G, 20℃) ;

 There equips gas pressure gauge, which could monitor the gas pressure. Pressure switch is another option, it can operate the circuit to be locked when the gas pressure is below a set value(0.1~0.2kgf/cm2G);

 To prevent the casing from exploding and internal objects from scattering out, the explosion-proof device is employed. The rupture pressure of the explosion-proof plate is 1.0 ~ 2.0 kg•f/cm2G, the explosion-proof device is installed on the other side of the operating handle, to ensure the operator safety;

2. Casing and sealing:  

 The interrupter and the mechanism are sealed in a tank which is filled with SF6 gas, the casing is made of 3mm thick stainless-steel plate, welded by argon arc welding art, and being anti-rust treated;

 There are 3 layer of special NBR (nitrile butadiene rubber) sealing material between both of  the porcelain bushing and the switch, and, the operating handle and the operating mechanism; 

 Installation bracket is equipped with the switch, there are lifting hook, bolts, bolt-holes on the casing, and all installation metal parts are made of galvanized steel parts;

• The switch is equipped with dedicated grounding device, and obvious grounding signs for marking it.