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JBTU1(SP1) Surge Protective Device


JBTU1 series surge protector is suitable for AC 50Hz, three phase distribution system with rated working voltage of 230V / 400V. JBTU1 meets class I test, in which the peak value of impulse current is 15kA and 25kA (10 and 350us), and the charge is 7.5 and 12.5As. 



JBTU1 can suppress direct lightning strike, induced lightning or other instantaneous overvoltage and discharge surge energy, so as to protect system circuit and load equipment. It is suitable for hierarchical cooperation with other series of surge protectors to realize the layered protection system, so that the low-voltage distribution system can be protected more widely and effectively.


Applicable Standard



Model Explanation

Product Categories

According to the maximum inrush current Iimp ( 10/350us ), there are: 15kA, 25kA;

According to the maximum continuous operating voltage,  there are: 275V, 320V, 385V, 440V;

According to the number of poles,  there are: 1P, 2P, 3P, 4P;