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VS1 (VJY1) Vacuum Circuit Breaker


The VJY1 indoor AC vacuum circuit breaker (Here in after referred to as breaker) is a three-phase AC 50Hz 12KV indoor switchgear, which is available for the control and protection purposes for electrical installations of industrial and mining enterprises, power plants and substations, and is suitable for the places that require frequent operation.


VS1 (VJY1) Vacuum Circuit Breaker.pdf



The VJY1 indoor AC vacuum circuit breaker, the nylon enclosed column is adapted in the arc chute. Comparing with traditional air insulated column, the breaker has following advantages: 

  1. the technical performance of solid insulation embedded column is higher than GB/DL Standards.

  2. Easy structure design, less dismountable components, highly reliable.

  3. Advanced and energy-saving manufacture technologies have been adapted, light and eco-friendly material.

  4. New generation insulating material has been adapted; Extremely high insulation ability.

  5. Extremely high mechanical strength, the longitudinal pulling force can reach to 10000N. 

  6. Adapting the latest and newest automation molding technology (APG Molding Technology), which is highly stable and reliable.

  7. Safe and Reliable, maintenance-free.

Mechanical Features

  1. The storage transmission of VJY1 is gear transmission; and the release device is swing-type leverage. The common structure of VS1 is very loose. The release device move radially, which requires higher accuracy, otherwise, there are some possibilities of stuck, open failure and early release.   

  2. Due to the overall modular layout, the common vacuum breaker adapted Four-link Structure. The closing energy is transmitted to the spindle arm through four-link structure. There are many components of four-link transmission, especially the two pieces of vertical boards. There are accuracy errors existing in components processing and assembling, therefore, some components must be broken after a period of mechanical endurance. The more the components are, the more the hidden dangers are. The VJY1 is with tight structure, which is highly reliable.

  3. According to the tests making by our company, the mechanical endurance of VJY1 can be more than 20000 or 30000 times, which is more than VS1’s.


Main Specifications and Technical Parameters
No. Item Unit Value
1 Rated voltage kV 12
2 Rated insulation level Rated lightning impulse voltage withstand peak kV 75

Power frequency voltage withstand (1min)

kV 42
3 Rated short circuit breaking current kA 20 25 31.5 40
4 Rated current A 630           1250 630 1250 1250 1600
1600 2000 2000 2500
2500 3150 3150 4000
5 Rated thermal current (Valid values) kA 20 25 31.5 40
6 Rated dynamic current (Peak value) kA  63 80 100
7 Rated short-circuit current (Peak value) kA 50 63 80 100
8 Breaking times of rated short circuit breaking current Times 50
9 Secondary circuit power frequency voltage withstand (1min) V 2000
10 Rated operating sequence

11 Rated thermal stabilization time s 4
12 Rated single / back to back capacitor bank breaking current A 630/400 800/400(40kA)
13 Mechanical life Times 10000

Mechanical Characteristic Parameters after Adjust and Assembly of Circuit Breaker

no. Item Unit Value
1 Contact opening distance mm 9±1
2 Contact stroke 3.5±0.5
3 Average closing speed (6mm ~ Contact closure) m/s 0.8±0.2
4 Average opening speed (Contact closure ~ 6mm ) 1.1±0.2
5 Closing time (Rated voltage) ms 30-70
6 Opening time (Rated voltage) 20-50
7 Contact closing bounce time ms ≤2 ≤3(40kA)
8 Different period of three-phase opening ≤2
9 Allowed cumulative wear thickness of dynamic and static contact mm 3
10 Electrical loop resistance mW ≤50(630A)≤45(1250A)
≤35(1600~2000A)≤25(higher than 2500A)
11 Contact pressure of closing contacts N 2000±200(20kA)2400±200(25kA) 
3100±200(31.5kA) 4500±250(40kA)