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SF6 Insulated Load Break Switch


FL(R) N36-12 is 10 kV medium-voltage switchgear which has been developed by SOJO according to IEC and GB standards. The switch has passed all the related standards and has been used widely in 10kV variable power distribution system.



FL(R) N36-12 medium voltage load switch had reinforced epoxy resin cast, which uses SF6 gas for insulation and also arc quenching medium. The gas pressure is 0.045Mpa.

Three position rotatable moving contacts for close, open and earthed operation.

The resin cast has anti-explosion pressure relief value fitted at back for ensuring safety of operators.

FLN36-12/T630-20 has single K-type spring mechanisms, normally used for incoming and outgoing line.

FLN35-12D/T125-50 has double A-type spring mechanisms, normally used together with fuse for transformer protection.

Build-in capacitive sensors

Optional motor operation

Operation GAS pressure meter or testing points

No. Item Unit Parameters
1 Rated Voltage kV 12
2 Rated Current A 630 125
3 Main Circuit Rated Short-time Withstand Current/Duration KA/S 20/4
4 Earth Circuit Rated Short-time Withstand Current/Duration KA/S 20/2
5 Short-circuit Making Current (peak) KA 50 125
6 Rated Active Load Breaking Current A 630
7 Rated Close-loop Breaking Current A 630
8 5% Active Load Breaking Current A 31.5
9 Rated Cable Charging Current A 10
10 Rated Capacity of No-load Transformer KVA 1250
11 Rated Transfer Current  A --- 1700
12 Rated Short-circuit Breaking Current KA --- 50
13 Maximum Fuse Blow Current A --- 125
14 Power Frequency Withstand Voltage (1 min) Phase to Phase, to Earth KV 42
Open Contacts            KV 48
15 Lighting Impulse Withstand Voltage Phase to Phase, to Earth KV 75
Open Contacts KV 85
16 Mechanical Endurance of Main Circuit/ Earthing Circuit Times 3000/2000
17 Rated SF6 Pressure (20℃) MPa 0.045