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YKJ-40.5kV Prefabricated Modular Substation


YKJ prefabricated modular substation is composed of high-voltage switchgear, substation integrated system, AC / DC power supply system, and high quality enclosure. Coupled with the main transformer, It can function in the 40.5kV urban-rural substation or 12kV switch station, realizing the function of monitoring, protection, remote control, communication and capacitance compensating.


Product Model

Product Features

  • Fully-insulated and whole-sealed

No exposed live parts, the reliability is greatly improved; the impact on the surrounding environment is relatively small.

  • Integrated, prefabricated modular production

The designing, manufacturing, pre-insatallation and internal wiring of 40.5kV section, 12kV section and automation system are finished in factory, the overall apparatus can be delivered directly to the site. This kind of modular prefabrication makes the production cycle greatly shortened. On-site work only need to complete the cement infrastructure of the substation enclosure, and lift equipments in place and assemble them, and this reduces theon-site workload.

  • Modular layout

The modular design makes it easy to adapt the on-site environment and terrains. Each functional module is connected with plug-in cables, which gives the advantage of flexibility and it is easy to be constructed and commissioned. 

  • Beautiful appearance

The appearance is beautiful, that fulfills the decoration purpose.

  • Intelligent remote control and remote measurement

Unified modeling and standardized communication makes it possible to accomplish remote control and remote measurement.