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YB-12/0.4 Prefabricated Secondary Substation


European type secondary substation integrates 6~10 kV medium voltage switchgears, 6~10 kV/0.4 kV, 1250k V A secondary transformer and low-voltage switchgears into a prefabricated housing. YB-12/0.4 prefabricated substation could be used in power distribution system of both ring main type and radial type grid power supply system. It is applicable in construction sites, factories, mines, oil fields, residential quarters, commercial centers, high-rise buildings, streets and other places.


Product Model

Product Features

Less Space Occupation

Only 1/51/4 of space occupation compared to the traditional substation with the same capacity.

Lower Cost 

Less cost in construction and both of high voltage and low voltage cabinets, only 1/3~1/2 of the cost of the substation with the same capacity.

Higher quality of power supply

S11/S13 fully sealed oil-immersed power transformer or S C B9 dry type power transformer could be used in this type of substation, thus the no load loss and the noise are lower. Because the substation volume is smaller, it can be mounted near the load center, thus the line loss is decreased, the power supply quality is guaranteed.

Less maintenance

As high as IP43 of the protection level, assuring the functions of anti-dust, anti-rain, small animal resistance and anti-misoperation, leading to higher level of power supply security and reliability; compact internal components, automatic monitoring function is complete, maintenance workload is relatively reduced. 

Easy to install and reliable running

Under the condition of prefabrication, after the overall hoisting and fastening the anchors, it can be wired, commissioned, and starting running. 


• Consisted by independent medium voltage compartment, transformer compartment and low voltage compartment,

Wide selections of medium voltage switchgears available for medium voltage compartment, 5 interlocking protections

Transformer can be oil type or dry type

• Wide selections of low-voltage switchgears available for low voltage compartments