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GFB2-2008 AC Low-voltage Seperated Switchgear


GFB2-2008 AC Low-voltage Seperated Switchgear is a newly developed product. It is superior to traditional products in the aspects of safety and reliability bacause of the fully enclosed cabinet and the separation between components.


Product Featurs

Convenient and flexible withdrawable functional units

• Withdrawable functional unit, simple and flexible in operation.

• There set the withdrawal position, the separation breakpoint is observable.

• The circuit breaker can be replaced easily.

• Quick replacement of the circuit breaker can be accomplished, without busbar powered off.

• The circuit breaker has a safety trip mechanism, the circuit breaker can quickly trip when the position is changed in the switch closed status.

Easy to connect cables

• Each circuit has a separate small busbar room.

• Circuit connection terminal is 600mm higher than the lower panel, to facilitate the 240mmcable connection and maitenance.

• Independent secondary wiring room to facilitate integrated automation expansions.

Rated Voltage 380V
Rated Current 100~2500A
Rated Short-circuit Breaking Current 65kA
IP Rating IP31