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KYN28A-12(GZS1) Metal-clad Switchgear


The KYN28A air insulated metalclad switchgear, which is for distributing and accepting AC electricity (3-12 kV, 50 Hz) distribution system, is fitted with VD4 circuit breaker from ABB or VS1 circuit breaker from domestic company. Besides, it also can control, protect and monitor the circuit.


KYN28 Withdrawable metal-clad switchgear.pdf



Technical Feature

1. The box of the KYN28A air insulated metal clad switchgear is made of aluminum-zinc coated steel sheet, so it is light, strong and beautiful.

2. The electric clearance is larger than 125mm, and the composite insulation electric clearance is larger than 30 mm.

3. Central-positioned circuit breaker.

4. Perfect integrated interlocking mechanism

5. Completed primary systematic diagram, more than 80 main circuit schemes


Lighting impulse withstand voltage

Rated voltage 12kV
Rated current  630~4000A
Rated short time withstand current 20~40kA,4S
Rated peak withstand current  50~100kA
Power frequency withstand voltage (1 min)  42kV
Lighting impulse withstand voltage  75kV
Rated short circuit current breaking times 50
Mechanical endurance 2000
IP rating  IP4X