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KYN61-40.5(Z) Metal-clad Switchgear


KYN61-40.5(Z) Air Insulated Metal-clad Switchgear is suitable for

application at three phases, 50Hz, 40.5kV power distribution system. This product has functions of protection, control and monitoring.


Product Features

A new type of vaccm breaker is adapted inside the cabinet, which has improved the corporation accuracy between handcart and cabinet. This product can also achieve operating while the door closed.

Rated voltage 40.5kV
Rated current 1250~2500A
Rated short time withstand current 20~40kA,4S
Rated peak withstand current 50~100kA
Power frequency withstand voltage (1 min) 95kV
Lighting impulse withstand voltage 185kV
Rated short circuit current breaking times 50
Mechanical endurance 2000
IP rating IP3X