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JBTC2 Capacitor Changeover Contactor


JBTC2 series switching capacitor contactors are mainly used in power lines with AC 50Hz (or 60Hz) and rated working voltage up to 400V for low-voltage reactive power compensation equipment to input or remove low-voltage shunt capacitors.



The contactor is equipped with an inrush current suppression device, which can effectively reduce the impact of closing inrush current on the capacitor and suppress the overvoltage during disconnection.

The contactor is a direct acting double breakpoint structure, and the contact system is arranged in upper and lower layers. There are three pairs of current limiting contacts and current limiting resistors on the upper layer to form an inrush current suppression device. When closing, it is connected first. After several millisecond, the working contact is connected, and the permanent magnetic block in the current limiting contact is released under the reaction of the spring to disconnect the current limiting resistance to make the capacitor work normally.


Applicable Standard



Model Explanation

Product Categories

According to the rated current, there are: 17A~72.2A (AC380V);

According to the number of product poles, there are: 3P, 4P;