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JBTR1 Thermal Overload Relay


JBTR1 series thermal overload relay is applicable to AC 50Hz. Overload and phase failure protection of AC motor with voltage up to 690V and current of 0.1 ~ 630A for long-term operation or interruption for a long time.


Structural features

Three phase bimetallic chip, tripping level 10A.

With phase failure protection.

It has a continuously adjustable setting current device.

With temperature compensation.

With action indication.

With testing mechanisms.

With stop button.

With manual and automatic reset buttons.

It has electrically separable normally open and normally closed contacts.


Applicable Standard


Product Categories

According to the frame current, there are: 25A, 36A, 93A,150A,200A,630A;

According to the rated current, there are: 0.1A~93A;

According to the combination method, there are: combined type, independent type;