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Pad-mounted Transformer for Solar Project


ZGS-ZG modular transformer is designed to meet the growing demands for photovoltaic power supply. This product is designed on the basis of 35kV Pad-mounted transformer. The transformer, the load switch and the high voltage fuse are installed in the transformer enclosure, and the transformer insulation oil is used as the insulation and cooling medium of the entire product. The product has a small size, a light weight, and it is easy to install.


Model Explanation


The transformer body and the oil tank are closely connected with a fixed device. All the high voltage and low voltage line are soft-connected. The connection between tap wire and on-load tap-changer is cold-welded and fastened with bolts. All connections (including connections between coil and backup fuse, plug-in fuse, load switch, etc) are cold welded. The fastening part is equipped with self-locking anti-loose device to keep the transformer withstanding vibrations and bumps during the long-distance transportation. After delivering to the installation site, there is no need to do the conventional hanging core inspection.

The transformer has a whole-sealed structure, and there is no oil conservator.

The enclosure is specially treated to make it has a good anti-corrosion ability, and also gives it good performances in preventing wind erosion and salty fog.

Rated Capacity(kVA) Voltage(kV) Vector Group Impedance Voltage(%) No-load Loss         (W) Load Loss       (W) Total Weight(t) Reference Dimensions(mm)L*W*H
630 High Voltage H.V.
Low Voltage L.V.
Dyn11 6.5 810 7820 4 2450*2260*2150
800 980 9350 4.5 2450*2280*2150
900 1070 10450 4.8 2450*2300*2150
1000 1150 11500 5 2520*2340*2150
1250 1370 13850 5.1 2520*2380*2150
1600 1650 16600 6.5 2520*2380*2150