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Pad-mounted Transformer for Wind Farm


ZGS11-Z.F wind power Pad-mounted transformer is applied in 35kV terminal power supply system, which could be used as the substation, power distribution equipment, metering, control and protection devices. This product is a complete set of strong integrated products, including high-voltage equipment, transformer, low-voltage equipment, secondary monitoring and control equipment. This Pad-mounted transformer also includes the light controller, soft startup device, remote controlling device. The secondary control part of the Pad-mounted transformer is design reasonably; all contacts relating to alarming and tripping are designed to be led outside the transformer side, to ensure the transformer operation safety.


Model Explanation


The oil tank is equipped with 35kV 11type oil-immersed step-up transformer, and the oil tank is fully sealed structure, the radiator is rationally laid, and the high-performance seals, pressure relieve valve, gas relay, oil level gauge, temperature controller are equipped. The advantages are low loss, low noise, low temperature rise, high resistance to short circuit, high overload, no leakage and so on. In addition, the high-voltage load switch and high-voltage fuses are also placed in the oil, the use of transformer oil as an insulating medium, which has a strong electrical performance.

In addition, high-voltage load switch and high-voltage fuses are also placed in the oil tank, the transformer oil is used as the insulating medium, which makes it has a strong electrical feature.

The high-voltage room is equipped with enhanced anti-contamination outlet bushing, at the end there set the fully insulated cable contacts, and the arrester is also equipped to reduce the over-voltage risk. The high-voltage room is also equipped with a sensor. Electromagnetic group and live display are employed to prevent misuse.

Low-voltage room is generally employed the dual-line as the incoming line, and equipped with circuit breaker, disconnector, current transformer, surge arrester and other components, another substation is used in it as a transformer for the entire substation power supply.


The three compartments are structurally independent and electrically interconnected. This not only ensures the safety and convenience of operations, but also ensures the safety and reliability of operations. The transformer box is designed to employ a unique labyrinth sealing type, coupled with high-performance long-life seals, all the incoming and outcoming line and the vents are equipped with anti-dust chamber, which can effectively prevent dust, rain and snow. This product truly achieves full condition, full insulation, fully sealed, maintenance-free, which ensures that it can be used in the harsh environment for 20 years.

Rated Capacity(kVA) Voltage (kV) Vector Group
Impedance Voltage (%) No-load Loss     (W) Load Loss
Total Weight(t) Reference Dimensions(mm)L*W*H
630 High Voltage H.V.
Low Voltage L.V.
Dyn11 6.5 810 7820 4 2450*2260*2150
800 980 9350 4.5 2450*2280*2150
900 1070 10450 4.8 2450*2300*2150
1000 1150 11500 5 2520*2340*2150
1250 1370 13850 5.1 2520*2380*2150
1600 1650 16600 6.5 2520*2380*2150