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On Load Tap Changing Capacity-and-voltage-adjusting Power Distribution Transformer


S13-M.ZT on-load tap changing capacity-and-voltage-adjusting distribution transformer is an intelligent, energy-saving new equipment. It can regulate the transformer coil tap connection type and load switch status by using the Pad-mounted on-load tap changing capacity-and-voltage-adjusting switch according to the user's actual operating voltage level, load capacity, power quality, etc, thus making the transformer to switch in different taps and rated capacities, and so the remote automatic control and three-phase imbalance adjustment and other functions could be realized. Also, by using the fine-grade automatic control to complete reactive power compensation, it can reduce no-load loss, achieve energy-saving operation of the transformer, thus achieving energy saving purpose.


This product is suitable for the power distribution area of AC 50Hz, rated voltage 10/0.4kV, capacity 630kVA and below. It could be mainly used in the larger residential areas, commercial areas, industrial areas and rural power grids which have seasonal or day/night power load fluctuations. Its features are intelligent control, reasonable structure, practical, remarkable energy-saving effect and so on. It has far-reaching significance for the operation safety of power distribution system and improving the quality of power supply.


S13-M.ZT On Load Tap Changing Capacity-and-voltage-adjusting Power Distribution Transformer

Model Rated Capacity(kVA) Voltage(kV) Vector Group Impedance Voltage(%) Total Weight (t) Reference Dimensions(mm)
No-load Loss  (W) Load Loss  (W)
S13-M.ZT -160/10 160(50) High Voltage H.V.
Low Voltage L.V.
6.5 1.1 1700*1000*1200 200(100) 2310(870)
S13-M.ZT -200/10 200(63) 1.3 1700*1000*1300 240(110) 2730(1040)
S13-M.ZT -250/10 250(80) 1.4 1750*1050*1350 290(130) 3200(1250)
S13-M.ZT -315/10 315(100) 1.6 1800*1050*1400 340(150) 3830(1500)
S13-M.ZT -400/10 400(125) 1.9 1900*1100*1450 410(170) 4520(1800)
S13-M.ZT -500/10 500(160) 2.2 2000*1100*1500 480(200) 5410(2200)
S13-M.ZT -630/10 630(200) 2.7 2100*1200*1500 570(240) 6200(2600)