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JBTW1 Air insulated circuit breaker


JBTW1 smart air circuit breaker is applied to the network circuit of AC 50 Hz, rated voltage up to 690V and rated current between 630A and 6300 A. Mainly used for distributing energy and protecting the circuit and power supply device against short-circuit, under-voltage, single-phase earthing fault, etc. 


Application Environment

· The altitude shall not exceed 2000m;

· The ambient temperature shall not be higher than + 40°C (for marine products, + 45°C) and not lower than - 5 °C, and the 24-hour average value shall not exceed + 35°C;

· The ambient relative humidity shall not exceed 50% when the maximum temperature is + 40°C, and there can be a higher relative temperature at a lower temperature;

· Pollution level: Level 3;

· The circuit breaker shall be installed according to the installation requirements of the product manual for circuit breaker installation, and the vertical inclination of the circuit breaker shall not exceed 5°;

· The protection level is IP30 and IP40;

· The use category is B class


Appicable Standard





Model Explanation

Product Category

Based on the installation method, there are: fixed type, drawer type;

Based on the number of poles, there are: three poles, four poles;

Based on the operation mode, there are: electric operation, manual operation (for inspection and maintenance);

Based on the release type, there are: intelligent controller, undervoltage instantaneous (or delay) release, and shunt release.