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JBTGR2 Fuse Type Disconnector


JBTGR2 series fuse disconnectors are mainly used in circuits with AC 50Hz, rated working voltage of AC400V and rated current of 63A to 630A. They are used for infrequent connection and disconnection of circuits and electrical isolation.


Applicable Environment

· The operating environment is - 5°C ~ + 40°C , and the average value in 24 hours shall not exceed + 35°C 

· Storage temperature: - 50°C ~ + 80°C 

· If it is expected to be used when the ambient air temperature is higher than + 40°C or lower than - 5°C , the user shall explain to the manufacturer

· Altitude conditions: shall not exceed 2000 meters

· Relative humidity: The ambient air temperature shall not be higher than + 40°C , not lower than - 5°C , and the relative humidity shall not be greater than 95%. Due to the occasional condensation phenomenon caused by temperature change, the user shall take special measures

· Pollution level: Level 3

· Protection grade: IP20

· Installation category: class Ⅲ (power distribution and control level), class IV (power level)

· Installation method: for vertical installation, the inclination between the installation surface and the vertical surface is ≤+5°; horizontal installation

· Environmental protection requirements: the product complies with HoRS standard


Applicable Standard




Product Categories

According to working voltage:

JBTGR2-160: 63A 100A 125A 160A

JBTGR2-250A: 200A 250A

JBTGR2-400A: 250A 315A 350A 400A

JBTGR2-630A: 400A 500A 630A