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JBTM1E MCCB Moulded Case Circuit Breaker


JBTM1E series moulded case circuit breakers (hereinafter referred to as circuit breakers) are suitable for infrequent starting of motors in lines with AC 50Hz (or 60Hz), rated insulation voltage of 800V, rated working voltage of 690V and below, and rated working current of 800A. The circuit breaker has the functions of overload long delay inverse time limit, short circuit short delay inverse time limit, short circuit short delay definite time limit, short circuit instantaneous and undervoltage protection, residual current protection (optional) and phase loss protection (optional), which can protect the line and power equipment from damage. The circuit breaker has complete and accurate protection characteristics, which can improve the reliability of power supply and avoid unnecessary power failure, Among them, "ZB" controller is equipped with communication interface, which can carry out "four remote" to meet the requirements of control center and automation system.


Applicable Environment

· The altitude shall not exceed 2000m;

· The ambient temperature is not higher than + 40°C (for marine products, + 45°C) and not lower than - 5 °C;

· The relative humidity of the environment shall not exceed 50% when the maximum temperature is + 40 °C. at a lower temperature, it can have a higher relative humidity;

· The maximum inclination shall not exceed + 5 °;

· It can work reliably under normal vibration of the ship;

· Reliable operation under earthquake (Level 4);

· Where there is no explosion hazard in the medium and the medium is not enough to corrode the metal and destroy the insulating gas and conductive dust;

· Where there is no rain or fog; Pollution level: 3;

· Installation category: the installation category of main circuit is ear, and the installation category of auxiliary circuit and control circuit not connected to main circuit is I;

· Circuit breaker 1 3. 5. N is the incoming end, 2 4. 6. N is the outgoing terminal;

· The circuit breaker shall be installed vertically and upside down is not allowed;

*External magnetic field near the installation site of circuit breaker. It shall not exceed 5 times of the geomagnetic field in any direction.


Applicable Standard



This product has passed “CCC” Certification


Model Explanation

Product Category

According to the number of poles of the product, there are: three-pole, four-pole

According to the rated current, there are:

JBTM1E-125: 16A、20A、25A、32A、35A、40A、45A、50A、55A、60A、63A、65A、70A、75A、80A、85A、90A、95A、100A、125A;

JBTM1E-250: 100A、125A、 160A、 180A、 200A、 225A、 250A ;

JBTM1E-400: 225A、250A、 315A、 350A、400A ;

JBTM1E-630: 400A、420A、440A、460A、480A、500A、530A、560A、600A、630 A;

JBTM1E-800: 630A、640A、660A、680A、700A、720A、740A、760A、780A、800A.